Frequently Asked Questions


I am a Contestant and I have worked so hard to prepare for this event, what now?

We understand the preparation and resources you have put into representing your country and also to showcase your talents and advance your platform. All such preparations have not been wasted. One thing you can count on is that the event will take place at a future date. Such announcement will be made on the site and all contestants will be notified of that date. For now the date is to be determined.

This postponement is just temporary.  Right now the most important thing is making sure you and your family are prepared for this pandemic.

As a Utah community we will pull through and overcome this.

Resources to learn and stay safe : Official State site on COVID-19 –

Frequently Asked Question on Corona Virus –


I have already paid for the event, what now?

The already paid tickets purchased for the event will still be valid on the day ( to be determined) the event will be held. Asking for refunds is not necessary since already purchased tickets will still be valid on the soon to be determined date of the event. 

We ask for your patience in this matter as we all navigate this health pandemic as a community. 

Can I still purchase tickets for the event?

Yes! You can still purchase tickets for the event on the website. Purchasing a ticket reserves you a spot for the event (future date to be determined)

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