Aziza Jabhad Hussein

Country: Kenya

Aziza Jabhad Hussein  Miss Kenya Utah 2020

Aziza Jabhad Hussein lives in Kearns, Utah. She graduated from the University of Utah in May 2018. She majored in Human Development and Family Studies with a minor in Nutrition. Her ambition in life is nursing with an emphasis in gerontology. She dreamed of being a nurse since she was nine years old. Aziza was a first-generation student, and felt like she had nobody to guide her. 

She loved the different stages of development and the way people’s brains work at different stages, so she majored in Human Development. She works with the elderly and people with disabilities, assisting with daily activities and finds satisfaction in the work that she does. She aspires to be a nurse so that she can help advocate for and be a support and mentor to individuals with mental health illnesses.

Kenya is a country in Eastern Africa. Its Indian Ocean coast lies between Somalia to the north east and Tanzania to the south. Its other surrounding countries are Ethiopia and South Sudan to the north and Uganda to the west.Kenya is the most powerful economy of East Africa and is also a middle income country with a fast growing middle class, however, it is still a developing country, and so certain aspects of the country’s society and infrastructure may come as a shock to some visitors from developed countries who are unfamiliar with the quality of life experienced by many Kenyans. Socio – economic inequalities are also observable, with many middle to upper class Kenyans living moderately affluent lifestyles while many other lower income Kenyans live in squalor.