Amira Kherrallah

Country: Central African Republic

Amira Kherrallah Miss Central African Republic Utah 2020

Amira Kherrallah was born in Bangui (Central Africa Republic), she is 24 years old and lives in South Salt Lake, Utah. She is working as a Digital Marketer for an IT Company and is attending workforce training at Salt Lake Community College in Web Development and Design. 

She is a member of YALI (Young African Leadership Initiative) where she took Leadership online courses. Also, she is an active team leader of a Panafrican platform named Generation ABCD (Any Body Can Dream), that promotes leadership and entrepreneurial skills for african youths represented in 3 African countries. 

Amira enjoys volunteering with colleagues from her work, including helping the Utah Food Bank Mobile Pantry. For Amira, it is a wonderful experience to help families receive nutritional food, and give back to the community she lives and works in.  in addition, Amira serves her community by volunteering as an employment coach, along with serving as an interpreter for IRC (International Rescue Committee) translating English to Sango and French.

When the Civil War began late in 2013, Amira fled her home country, Central Africa Republic, all alone to seek refuge in Chad, a neighboring country. In 2014, as a refugee in Chad, she received a scholarship awarded by The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). This scholarship helped her pursue her interest in telecommunication and led Amira to consequently earn a Bachelor’s Degree in 2017. In her new environment  without her parents, Amira struggled to study and work while taking care of herself. She struggled to survive but “My mother always taught me to fight to succeed; and told me that nothing in this world is just granted. You have to be determined, dedicated, and work hard to realize your dreams”. 

Amira arrived in the USA in March 2019 through the Refugee Resettlement Program. She speaks Sango, French, Arabic, English, and is now learning Spanish.

Platform Title: Prevent Her, Be Informed, Be Proactive, Prevent Breast Cancer.

I want to create to help refugees and immigrant women receive awareness in preventing breast cancer. 2 years ago, my mother passed away from breast cancer. In fact, she has struggled with this disease since 1995, when I was born. I grew up watching my mother fight this horrible cancer; and after years of struggling, it had damaged her uterus and lungs, along with other organs. Because of early detection, treatments, and determination; she was able to fight this disease for 22 years before her body could not battle this disease any longer, and lost her life. I chose this platform because I know there is a need for more education and resources to reach women, particularly refugees, immigrants and enlighten them about breast cancer screening and prevention. This platform will help refugee women to be informed about breast cancer, its risk factors, detection, and prevention, to help them get resources they need to take care of their breast health.

The Central African Republic (CARSangoKödörösêse tî Bêafrîka; FrenchRépublique centrafricaine  pronounced [ʁepyblik sɑ̃tʁafʁikɛn], or Centrafrique [sɑ̃tʁafʁik]) is a landlocked country in Central Africa. It is bordered by Chad to the north, Sudan to the northeast, South Sudan to the east, the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the south, the Republic of the Congo to the southwest and Cameroon to the west. The CAR covers a land area of about 620,000 square kilometres (240,000 sq mi) and had an estimated population of around 4.7 million as of 2018. As of 2019.

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