Mister Africa Utah

The Mister Africa Utah (MAU) cultural scholarship program is one of the various ways African students can apply and compete for scholarships from the new “ Mister Africa Scholarship Fund established by GK Folks Foundation. The mission of the Mister Africa Utah cultural scholarship program is to promote Africa’s diverse culture, provide an avenue for African male youths to promote their platform, give back to the community and be empowered

Mister Africa Utah Cultural Scholarship Agreement

We are pleased to invite you as a potential delegate for the Mister Africa Utah scholarship program. Kindly read the following rules and regulations of the program, sign and proceed to apply.

Who May Join

  1. Males with African descent ( 1st to 3rd generation). Ages (18-35).
  2. Delegates must be in good standing with their respective schools and or organizations.
  3. Married or separated individuals cannot participate.

Score Points

  1. Personal Interview: 20 points
  2. African Traditional outfit: 20 points
  3. Talent: 20 points
  4. Formal 10 points
  5. Parade of Nations: 20 points
  6. On-Stage Interview: 10 points


  1. The Winner agrees to work with any organization (Or FSA) that would require his help and has the sole aim of helping Africans, less privileged, the homeless or those in any kind of need in African or around the world.
  2. The winner would also be required to make tours, to help promote his platform.
  3. The Winner would be required to help in the organization, planning, publicity and recruiting of Africans for the next year
  4. The Winner will serve the community by sharing his culture and organizing charitable events.

General Requirements

  1. All tabulation result, including all judges scoring sheets, are the property of GKFolks Foundation & Mister Africa Utah  Organization and are trade secret, sticky confidential. GKFolks, Foundation & Miss Africa Idaho Organization, has the right to show or refuse to show the contestants the judging sheet if requested
  2. The Judge’s decision is final, no delegate including representative has the right to challenge the result. The delegates hereby voluntarily waive any rights to challenge or other contest the result of the pageant. Any question about the scoring system must be raised at least a week prior to the pageant.
  3. Neither GKFolks Foundation & Mister Africa Utah Organization and its employees and agents, not any promoters, entertainers, judges, staff, volunteers, advertisers and sponsor of Mister Africa Utah shall not be liable for any sickness, injury or accidents suffered by any delegates or her accompanying parties before, during and after any event or rehearsal. Delegates are required to sign a hold harmless agreement with GKFolks Foundation & Mister Africa Utah Organization.
  4. All application must be submitted before the deadline, with all required filed properly filled out including pictures, a signed application, and the contract. Incomplete applications will NOT be considered. All payment such as ticket fee, registration fee, etc. is non-refundable.
  5. Only one applicant from each country in Africa will participant. If for any reason we receive more than one applications from one country, we will select the applicant that will best represent that country after the audition.
  6. GKFolks Foundation & Mister Africa Utah Organization reserves the right to amend or supplement the rules and regulations at any time, written notice of such shall be provided

Delegates Requirements

  1. Each Delegate must sell a minimum of 20 tickets, and return the proceeds to the program director
  2. Delegates must attend all meetings/ workshop, and rehearsals; there will be an elimination process as the pageant progresses.
  3. On the event day, all delegates are expected to arrive at the venue on time.
  4. Each delegate may bring only one (1) person inside the dressing room. Delegates must NOT bring or invite anyone else inside the dressing room.
  5. GKFolks Foundation & Mister Africa Utah Organization the producer of the Mister Africa pageant reserves the right, at its sole discretion to refuse or reject any application from a prospective delegate and to eliminate any delegate from the pageant at any time for any violation of the rules and regulation. Decisions of the pageant director and board of directors are final.
  6. Where there has not been a previous arrangement, delegates are responsible for their own transportation and accommodations.
  7. GKFolks Foundation & Mister Africa Utah Organization or Partners is not responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged property of the delegates, their friends or their families, including any damage, lost or stolen dress from sponsors or anything given by our sponsors to the delegates.
  8. The Winner and the runner-ups will be chosen on the pageant night. All cash and gift prizes awarded are subject to the completion and fulfillment of the winner’s obligations during their respective reign. GKFolks Foundation & Mister Africa Utah Organization reserves the right to distribute the prices at any time within twelve months from the pageant day.
  9. If any sponsor elects in their sole discretion, to cancel or modify the prizes/gift they have agreed to provide, then the prizes/gifts will be so canceled or modified without any given notice.
  10. GKFolks Foundation & Mister Africa Utah Organization would not be held responsible or liable for modified or canceled prizes/gifts or any other action by the sponsors or the grantor of these prizes.
  11. If the delegates fail to comply with the pageant requirement, all the prizes are subject to forfeiture.
  12. The Mister Africa Utah will reign for one year, during which, He cannot participate in any other pageant 6 months after MAU or similar events without first obtaining the express written consent of GKFolks Foundation & Mister Africa Utah Organization. The winner and runner up must strictly comply with the winner’s contract and rules and regulations. Failure to comply will result in dethronement. If the winner is dethroned or decides not to continue her reign, The first runner up will take the title of Mister Africa Utah, including crown, sash, and prize. And trophy must be immediately returned in the same condition as it was when received within ten (10) days.
  13. If any delegates or winner disparage, defames, libels or slander the pageant, GKFolks Foundation & Mister Africa Utah Organization, including its employees, agents, sponsors, contractors, any judge, advertisers, committee members or any volunteers, such a delegate shall be eliminated from the pageant or dethroned and stripped of her title and prizes as the case may be.
  14. Mister Africa Utah is a trademark name owned and operated by GKFolks Foundation & Mister Africa Utah Organization; any use of the names must get prior written approval from GKFolks Foundation & Mister Africa Utah Organization.


I agree to indemnify and hold harmless indefinitely GKFolks Foundation & Mister Africa Utah Organization and its employees, agents, affiliates, staff, entertainers, judges, sponsors, and volunteers, from all claims and damages, losses, and expenses, including but not limited to, attorneys fee and cost, by reason of any suit, claims, demands, judgment or cause of action, initiated by any person or entity arising or alleges to have arisen directly or indirectly from the pageant and all events and activities associated therewith.

I certify that I fully read and understood the rules and regulations of Mister Africa Utah I agree to abide by them and all other terms and condition of the pageant and affix my signature below as evidence of my acceptance thereof. I further agree to provide GKFolks Foundation & Mister Africa Utah Organization 36 hours of receipt notice, all information and evidence requested of me to establish my compliance with all rules, regulations, terms, condition, and restriction of Mister AFRICA UTAH Program. I further agree that I shall have no contact direct or indirectly, written or oral with any of the judges prior to the pageant. I agree and relinquish forever any claims to legal or equitable relief arising from this agreement or directly arising from Mister Africa Utah pageant or GKFolks Foundation & Mister Africa Utah Organization.

I agree that I shall not disparage, defame, libel or slander GKFolks Foundation & Mister  Africa Utah Organization, Mister Africa Utah, sponsors, judges, staff, employees, volunteers and committee members or anyone connected with the pageant. I understand that my obligation commences upon signing the contract and remain in effect before, during and after the pageant. My failure to comply with the rules and regulation of Mister Africa Utah shall subject me to disqualification from the pageant and forfeiture of any title and prizes associated therewith.


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