Anita Chigala Oluwanifemi Wilson Miss Cameroon 2019

Anita Chigala Wilson lives in North Salt Lake, a city in Davis County, Utah. She is
attending Weber State University and she is studying Finance as a major course in the Goddard
School of Business. Anita plans on transferring to the University of Utah in the Fall semester of
2019, where she will get more involved in school activities, join the Black Student Union, and
also get involved in different clubs and organizations on campus. Her aspiration in life is to
become a Financial Analyst and help companies make good decisions on how to manage their
money in order to grow, and also to help make recommendations to companies about
investments and other financial decisions. Anita wants to use her platform as an opportunity to
inspire youths to never let fear hinder them from reaching their goals.

Anita was born and bred in the Center of Excellence, Lagos, Nigeria for sixteen years and
relocated with her family to the United States in October 2015. Her family moved here because
they wanted to escape from poor living, oppression, and to make better lives. Anita completed
her high school education at Clearfield High School, Utah. Moving to the United States made her
focus more on education so she could get good grades and get accepted into the University right
away and continue her education. Her passion for dance made her join the high school dance
team where she was able to mix with different dancers and also learn from them. Anita graduated
from Clearfield High School in 2017 with several honor and excellence awards.
Although, Anita was born in Nigeria, but she is representing Cameroon because she loves
everything about their culture and way of life. She believes Nigeria and Cameroon share a lot in
common and she is using this opportunity to learn more about another country and culture
because she wants to be exposed to more information.