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Fatou Tandia (Miss Africa Utah 2011)



Fatou was born in Bamako, Mali. At a very young age, she had the chance to follow my parents and live in many countries such as Germany, South Africa, Libya, Tunisia and India. Being able to live around the world has made her life full of enriching experiences, including a face-to-face meeting with Nelson Mandela. She was exposed to many different cultures and can speak many different languages. She is majoring in Business management at Utah Valley University with a goal to graduate with a Masters Degree in Business Administration, before she turns 25. Her strongest passion is researching ethnic hair care and would like to create her own hair care line in order to cater to a growing demand in ethnic hair care. Some of her hobbies include dancing, singing and fashion. Which promotes African culture awareness through dance, music and song. One of her personal beliefs is social justice. She is against the fact that some people have so much money and power that they don’t know what to do with it, whereas some other people barely have enough to sustain their lives. People, who have the ability to help, hold the responsibility to help.